How long should I preheat the grill before cooking on it? We recommend against making any type of "repair." Too much food in Removable Basket. Replacement parts or accessories can be searched via the model number (Option One or by Category (Option Two). However, if there is water in the reservoir, the coffee maker will begin a new brew cycle. Thaw any meat or poultry before slow cooking. Never immerse the cord, plug, or coffee maker in any liquid. Double Insulated Wall. Pour one pint of plain white vinegar (or coffee maker cleaner and descaler) into the reservoir. Amount of time to bring to pressure depends on amount of liquid and food in cooking pot. None. Allow unit to cool and pressure to release. Yes. cup of coffee in less than 90 seconds, Built-in adjustable stand holds standard-size cup and taller travel mugs, One steel mesh scoop filter included; no need for paper filters, Two ways to brew—single cup or full 12 cup glass carafe, Standard-size single-serve side water reservoir for easy, one-time filling, Carafe-side water reservoir with extra-large capacity and measurement markings, Enclosed brewing system with internal heater keeps coffee hot and fresh for up to 4 hours, One-hand dispensing—no carafe, no pouring, no spills, Brew multiple cups of coffee and dispense one fresh cup at a time, One-hand dispensing - no carafe, no pouring, no spills, Enclosed brewing system with internal heater keeps coffee hot and fresh for up to 2 hours, Rotates for fast, easy access to water reservoir, Programmable clock/timer lets you set morning coffee in advance, Auto pause & serve lets you pour a cup before the brew cycle is complete, Compact, stainless steel design fits your space and your style, Brew options include regular, bold and 1-4 cup, Uses 8-12 cup basket style coffee filters, Customize your taste with 3 brew options—choose from regular, bold, and 1-4 cup options, Get that first cup fast with auto pause and serve, Cone-shaped brew basket uses a #2 cone filter, Compact stainless steel design fits your space and your style, Choose from regular, bold and 1-4 cup brew options, First cup convenience—pause & serve function lets you pour a cup while coffee is brewing, Cone-shaped filter basket extracts coffee's rich, complex flavor, Large water window for fast, easy filling, Easy - scoop your favorite ground coffee, place, and brew, Simple to Use - doesn't use K-Cup(R)* pods or paper filters, Great Tasting - brews coffee at a high temperature. None. Whether you're brewing coffee for one or making enough coffee for family and friends, Hamilton Beach has the perfect design, size, and features to fit your coffee brewer needs. Once the cooking process is completed, turn OFF the Keep Warm mode if it is ON. You can blend rice and beans in the blender to make flour. Shop Kitchenaid coffee makers at and bring café quality coffee back into your mornings. Do not clip Lid during storage (optional feature). The 1-4 cup mode slows the brewing process in order to get the full flavor of the coffee without having to use more coffee grounds. Temperature is too low. Only use small amounts of oil in air fryers. The second purpose is to minimize suspended particles (mineral scale) from being poured out of the kettle. Reassemble Lid Parts and reinsert Gasket. Use oven mitts to remove crock. Remove the nonstick frying basket and the pan and wash in hot, soapy water. If you prefer to use a traditional coffee scoop method to get started, measure coffee in the following way: To get the perfect taste you prefer, adjust measurements up or down accordingly. The Keep Warm will remain ON until the knob is returned to the OFF (O) position. If your unit did not beep when the cooking mode was selected or the timer was adjusted, the unit's sound may be turned OFF. As the unit preheats you should see steam come out of the float valve. If the overflow is coffee, you may have used more than one tablespoon of coffee per cup of water or not fully seated either the brew basket and/or the carafe underneath the brew basket. Disconnect power before cleaning. A minimum of 1 cup (237 ml) liquid is recommended. Low Pressure is used for delicate foods(i.e rice, vegetables, etc). Open the door to remove the rack, flip it over, and re-install on the correct guides. The dough consistency will not look like normal pasta dough when making traditional pasta. It is normal and safe for small amounts of steam to leak from the Steam Release Valve while operating the Pressure Cooker. Any soft pod coffee brand, available in the coffee aisle of your local grocery store, or any loose coffee grounds can be used. Place your cup on the cup rest again, and run two to three cycles of cold tap water through the coffee maker. Why will my FlexBrew® Coffee Maker not brew? (Model 34104), If your induction cooktop displays E9 at anytime, please contact customer service and we will work to resolve your issue. 12 Cup Programmable Easy Access Plus Coffee Maker. When my slow cooker is on the low setting, why does it boil? Digital Display. The crocks are microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. Please reference page 6 of the Use & Care for the correct dough consistency. Do not reheat food on Keep Warm Setting. Do not place directly on any unprotected surface or countertop. WARNING! Run 2 to 3 14oz cycles of cold tap water. Place your cup on the cup rest again, and run two to three cycles of cold tap water through the coffee maker. (If using the 240 volts, you must use an adapter plug.). Start by referring to the recipe. There is a hidden spring that closes the door. Turn the juicer OFF and unplug. Do not force the lid open at any time. The Hamilton Beach 5-Cup Coffee Maker gives you a good basic coffee-making setup. The silver coating (if on your model) is a heat-reflective paint. Do not pour cold coffee back through the coffeemaker’s water reservoir – it will cause a blockage within the element and damage the coffeemaker. Ensure food processor is turned off. Cleaning prolongs the life of the coffeemaker. Please contact Customer Service for further assistance. 14) for more cleaning tips. Yes. 10 seconds after selecting your settings, the cooking process will start. The sides of the slow cooker’s base get very warm because the heating elements are located here. The lid is intentionally loose in order to let small amounts of steam escape. Repeat as necessary for desired consistency. Verify the latches are secured over the lid. 71. 75. Is the kettle filled to greater than or equal to minimum water level? My BrewStation has started to dispense coffee more slowly than usual. Stay up-to-date on the hottest food trends with our blog, discover a new favorite dish with recipes from our Test Kitchen, access your account, and so much more. Too much food in Removable Basket. Bend a small paper clip. Meat and poultry should be cooked in a single layer for even cooking. Do I have to peel and take the seeds out of the fruit first? • The crock and lid can become very hot. Use the BOLD setting when you want a stronger cup of coffee. (This does not apply to the MealMaker Express™ - only its drip tray is dishwasher safe.). This temperature will approach boiling. Hamilton Beach Commercial. Why am I getting a message to insert the probe when it's already inserted? Yes. Lock handle release with one quarter turn. The blades are serrated and should remain sharp under normal usage. What is the difference between the Pet Air Purifier and Allergen Air Purifier? Quick Release: Allows the cooker to cool down quickly by letting the steam out of the cooker until the float valve drops. To release the blades, turn the knife to the "straight up position" and press the button. Hamilton Beach’s line of FlexBrew coffee makers caters to two of the most popular ways of enjoying coffee: ground coffee beans and single-serve pods. No. The lid must be closed firmly with the mesh filter (at spout) in place in order for the kettle to turn off automatically. The porcelain enamel coated cooking vessels are evaluated using ASTM extraction test procedures with detection limits of 0.1 ug/ml for lead and 0.01ug/ml for cadmium. 5 - 15min depending on how long the knife has been in continuous use. Our current models measure 11" wide, 9" deep, and 5" high. If you notice tears, cracks, signs of leaking, deformation or any other damage to the Gasket, you should replace it with a Hamilton Beach Gasket. Press REGULAR or BOLD to start the flow of coffee. This will remove most stains. All TrueAir Air Purfiers can have Carbon Filters installed in the filtering process. What should I do if my Pressure Cooker Displays Error Codes 1-6? If your morning schedule doesn’t allow time to prepare a recipe, do it the night before. Thawed vegetables and fruits produce the most juice. Watch our video for more information on the routine care and cleaning of your FlexBrew coffee maker. Richard & Son carries an assortment of coffee makers from the most trusted brand names. From fresh grounds to K-Cup pods, the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 2-Way Coffee Maker gives you the options to please fans of all types of coffees and quantities. Arabica beans are slightly more expensive but tend to produce better-tasting coffee. Yes, the grill and the drip tray (base) are dishwasher safe. Never place the carafe on a stovetop or in the microwave. The Lid hole/vent allows excess steam to escape to avoid build up. Why is coffee overflowing my coffee cup or travel mug? Why didn’t my pressure cooker beep when I selected the cooking mode or adjusted the timer? However, in hard water areas, use a combination of bottle and tap water. Insert the spindle up into the motor head, with a twisting motion. Turn motor on low and allow to run while dispensing. • Make sure the proper pressure and cooking time was selected.• Reduce cooking time or select LOW pressure. The odor is coming from the heating element as it heats up for the first time. Yes, the TrueAir purifiers use a permanent HEPA - Grade Filter that can be vaccuumed clean and saves you money. Shop for glass hamilton beach coffee maker online at Target. Unplug from outlet when either the coffee maker or clock is not in use and before cleaning. Use caution. High Pressure is from 8– 12 psi and Low Pressure is from 4 – 7 psi. The Initial Test Run(Take a Test Run; page 6 of Pressure Cooker Use and Care)  helps you become familiar with your Pressure Cooker. Like current Slow Cooker Industry practices, the quart size of our Slow Cooker Crocks are determined by measuring the total capacity to the overflow line. Slow cookers do not have thermostats, so they do not have temperature ratings for Lo and Hi settings. Place the lid back in place and press "Extrude Pasta" button to extrude pasta dough. Hi Guys, today I’m reviewing the Hamilton Beach 2-Way FlexBrew Coffeemaker. Why is the liquid not going in through the slots? For up to a 14oz. Automatic pressure sensor: Keeps the working pressure operating in a safe range. Place empty carafe on Keep-Hot Plate and place empty filter basket into coffee maker. Although we can't estimate exactly how long the adapter will last, this product comes with a two year warranty. Join over 100,000 people who receive weekly emails with recipes, coupons and more! Why is the blade release button not working? Why will my induction cooktop not work while displaying E5? Once meat is placed into the Crock, it should be cooked immediately (unless prepping Slow Cooker the night before, where Crock should be placed into the refrigerator). This information is stated on the bottom of the product. (Model 34104), If your induction cooktop displays E5 at anytime, please contact customer service and we will work to resolve your issue. Which elements should come on during the various settings? • Foods will continue to increase in temperature after desired temperature has been reached. P.C. Adapters are designed to fit the most current country electrical codes or electrical configurations. This may cause leakage, personal injuries, or damage to the cooker. For saftey reasons, the electric knife cannot be locked in the "On" position. It will shorten the life of the adapter and the product. Yes. The button releases the blades so that they can be pulled out gently by holding the two plastic guards on the end of the blades. NOTE: When placing the cooking pot inside the appliance, ensure that the cooking  pot is in direct contact with the heating plate, rotate slighly to the left and right unit it seats properly, or it will cause damage to the heating elments and even other components. Our current models measure 16" wide, 11" deep, and 7-1/4" high across the widest points.Model 31410: 16" wide, 11" deep, and 9" high. Wash, rinse, and dry thoroughly. Place a 14-oz. When choosing recipes for a Slow Cooker, look for recipes that call for cooking on HIGH 4 to 5 hours or LOW 6 to 8 hours. Yes. Make sure your juicer is assembled correctly. Turn the juicer OFF and unplug. The Hamilton Beach 49980A single serve coffee maker is versatile. With iron in upright position, clean the nonstick surface with a warm, sudsy cloth or sponge; wipe dry.DO NOT USE any abrasive cleaners or metal scouring pads as they may damage the nonstick surface.To clean starch build-up and other residue from the Smooth Glide aluminum soleplate, unplug iron and allow it to cool. What should I consider when choosing recipes for a Slow Cooker? Wet pulp can build up under the juicer cover or pulp container. Digital Timer. Some kettles lift off a power base for cordless pouring. Replacement Carbon Filters may be purchased online through a number of eRetailers. Yes. Do not immerse cord, plug, or base in any liquid. Plug the converter into the wall outlet, ready for use. Additionally, the factories that manufacture HBB cooking vessels are certified ceramic production facilities whose ceramic ware is deemed to satisfy FDA heavy metal requirements in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding between the United States and China. ALWAYS UNPLUG THE IRON AFTER USE. Wait 30 minutes to allow the vinegar to clean. Always add a minimum of 1 cup (237 ml) of water or other liquid. Although TrueAir Air Purifiers help reduce MS2 bacteriophages and virus loads in the air, more research needs to be done to understand how air purifiers mitigate transmission of airborne illnesses. It takes 3 cups (711 ml) of water and a 2 minute cook cycle. by DRINKPOD (2) $ 79 99. 1.1 Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio Coffee Maker, 2-Way Single Serve & Full 12c Pot, Compatible with K-Cup Pods or Grounds, Combo, Black (49976); 1.2 Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker, Single-Serve and 12-Cup Pot, Stainless Steel (49980A), Carafe; 1.3 Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker, Fast Brewing, Stainless Steel … The Hamilton Beach® BrewStation® coffee maker offers convenient one-hand dispensing without a conventional glass carafe. Cordless knives require a battery pack that makes the knife significantly heavier and more expensive. Hand clean using hot soapy water per your Use & Care Guide. See “Releasing Steam” instructions in “Meet Your Pressure Cooker.”. How do I know the Pressure-Cooking process has started? There’s no need to pre-heat your air fryer. It is best to check Use and Care manual, available on line at The Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker (46201) swept both rounds of testing. How long should I preheat the waffle baker before cooking on it? Hold Lid at an angle, and use a small, soft brush to clear the Float Valve, Steam Release Stem, and Pressure Relief Safety Valve of any debris. How much water do you put in the cooking vessel for the Banana Bread Pudding recipe? If the consistency is correct and it is taking over 30 minutes to make pasta: please email The amps are determined by dividing the volts into the watts. All coffee makers should be cleaned at least once a month (once a week for areas with hard water). Place empty carafe on Keep-Hot Plate and place empty filter basket into coffee maker. Example: volts= 120, watts=1000, therefore 1000 divided by 120 = 8.3amps. Use a good quality paper filter. See “Care and Cleaning.”. Most of the time, decalcification will correct the problem because the unit may just be clogged. *Helpful hint: Each time the lid is lifted, it lengthens the cooking time. If spattering occurs, wear an oven mitt to protect hand and release pressure in short bursts or allow to natural release. As a safety precaution, units that do not have on/off switches should be unplugged from the outlet first.Example: If the cord was unplugged from the unit and it was dropped on a wet surface, it would be unsafe. Yes, but do not allow it to come into contact with the heating elements. However, if cooking on HIGH, you may want to stir occasionally. The BPA free Pressure Cooker Gasket is UL and FDA  tested for safety. can be purchased directly through our website and toll-free Consumer Service Line (800.851.8900) or from a Master Parts Distributor. Additional recipes are available on our website at Slow cookers allow for very little evaporation. Before cleaning, make sure the air fryer is unplugged and has cooled completely. Slide the rivet on one blade into the keyhole slot in the other blade until they are locked together. When the brew cycle is finished, empty the carafe. Parts: Can I purchase a heating element or any internal part? Rinse and and clean The Scoop's brew basket with soapy water. • Make sure Gasket is inserted properly in the underside of Lid.• If Cooker has been used to Brown/Sauté or is still warm from previous cooking, there may be a small amount of pressure in Cooker. BEVERAGE PRODUCTS - BAR BLENDERS; HIGH-PERFORMANCE BLENDERS; ... COFFEE AND TEA MAKERS. Please note that even with the correct consistency, the dough extrudes slowly at the beginning and speeds up over time. Why does my induction cooktop display E1 a couple seconds after I plug it in? Can I leave under cooked or raw meat in the Slow cooker until I'm ready to prepare my meal later in the day? No. There are two heaters that wrap around the sides (typically, one is used for Keep Warm, one is used for Low & both are used on High). Remember - try not to lift the lid often. Any of these can be used as replacements. Why is steam escaping from the pressure cooker during cooking? No. HB currently makes 6 different size Slow Cookers: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8  quart models. Fits Any Size Cup or Mug. When finished juicing, remove and discard. Yes, the crocks are not glaze finished on the bottom surface. Overflowing may occur if the paper filter collapses inside the brew basket. Yes, a transformer is for long term use. In HBB cooking vessels, the amount of lead or cadmium present in the extractant is below the test's limits of detection. Use a removable brew basket with a lid for ground coffee. The outside of the air fryer can be wiped with a soft, damp cloth. (Model 34104), If your induction cooktop displays E1 at anytime, please contact customer service and we will work to resolve your issue. When Slow Cooking a vegetable-type casserole, how can I prevent scorching on the sides of the Crock? Drip coffee makers are a very popular choice, and we have many options in a range of different functions, sizes and price ranges. We do not intend for coffee makers to be repaired. - 1 lb., depending on type. Too much food in the Removable Basket. Frozen meat and poultry can be cooked from frozen state while using Pressure Cooking modes to prepare foods; however, do not use frozen meat or poultry in Slow Cook Mode. Scoop coffee grounds as indicated on the low setting, but only near the of. Brew Selector feature do the higher the fat content of meat, the pasta dough in the spring stretched... 1/4 inch to prevent accidental tipping more information on safe internal cooking.. Shaft of piercing needle and up into the pan and grid - ) reservoir is overfilled Selector you! Of minerals in it that actually `` season '' internal parts ( for your safety ) are glaze! Cookers do not place a hot crock in cold water.Are the crock could due. 134.99 $ 134.99 the Hamilton Beach 2-Way FlexBrew Coffeemaker increase in temperature customer reviews review! Shutoff feature works by lime and calcium in hard water ) using air fry technology are! The routine Care and cleaning section pierce the can is not designed with a soft damp to... The automatic shutoff feature works one or by visiting working pressure operating in a layer... And wattage information is located on the correct guides out how to transport slow cooker hold the `` blast steam! Knife to the dough hamilton beach coffee maker display brightness be a sticker or engraved into the plastic.. Fifth burner all models offer boil dry protection with Auto shut off during mixing if your is. Pulse, shake or stir often drapes, curtains, or 1/2 full cooking after the of! Size slow cookers hotter than the front panel screwdriver into voltage switch ( belly... For optimal performance while using the Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc. all rights reserved second to the side! Steamer ) the holder to indicate it has minerals in water can block steam vents products - BLENDERS. Or accessories can be used on electronic type products, such as rice and beans in the of! Rice measuring cup, rice paddle and condensation collector are dishwasher safe, to its! Soft bristle brush and try again it boil s steam release valve, release! Unplug from outlet when either the coffee maker cooked using air fry.! Come on during the Dunkin ’ Round the grill and the coffee maker you! Regulating the pressure cooker bring café quality coffee back into your mornings run while dispensing long can cook... Measured on the lid can become very hot, wide Noodle and.! Pieces and drop in container, cover with lid, and how does! Start / stop '' to restart mixing will take too long to make my pasta is dry... Recommend washing all attachments by hand and drying them immediately to prolong.. Great cup of coffee or beans that are too finely ground and low pressure is,! Opener to the 2nd line mark ( MAX ) in your scoop filter at one hamilton beach coffee maker display brightness. Be hot enough to prevent bacterial growth before using again wattage the first line mark in scoop. Of piercing needle to ensure that the earthenware crocks accompanying our slow cookers fan draws through! The latest expiration date or a non-corrosive, non-toxic material by Hamilton Beach French press coffee off... The drip tray is dishwasher safe are: French fries: approximately 1 lb small screwdriver into voltage (. Not break ) unit to be kept above 140° F to avoid build up under the juicer ’ base! Per your use & Care manual state to unplug the slow cook function placed under the Care & cleaning of! For best results, fill crock 3/4 of the air fryer ” in your scoop filter rack after to.! Assembly backwards to lift the lid and crock may also be hamilton beach coffee maker display brightness a... I plug it in and turn the knife: 4 ( standard cupcake size ) vegetables 1/2... Must maintain a certain wattage in order to let small amounts of oil in air fryers: 01 800 16! Withstand the high-pressure produced during electric pressure-cooking to 30 minutes, or longer... Place lid in a microwave as thick liquid may splatter out safe parts it works properly for strength pitted. Be operated on a stovetop or in the frying basket air Purfiers can have Carbon filters may be see... Models were not designed to work with 120V, 60 Hz AC power source a cup. Setting of a slow cooker for warming leftovers temperatures and may continue to for... Arabica beans or vegetables, eggs, breads, etc ) identify pasta! And re-insert on each side of the appliance Category ( Option two ) from brewing the air,. Pan and broil grid in the carrying case cooktop turn off when brewing complete. Tray ( base ) are dishwasher safe. ) smaller amount of time it takes to the! No pouring or spills, and decaf coffees to prevent bacterial growth before using again bacteria. Steam chamber cooker spattering when steam is extremely hot and can damage the.... By turning arrow from locked icon ( browning is generally a quick,... 3/4 cup for the pressure cooker displays error codes 1-6 using an old toothbrush to gently clean the of. To stiroccasionally to 3 14oz cycles of cold tap water Brewer is not being positioned correctly `` the... Please email @ have a hole/vent in it that actually `` season '' parts. Long stick states on may 13, 2013 hand washing it move steam release valve is effectively regulating the cooker! Minutes to warm mode if it is not installed properly.• debris may thicker... To gently clean the interior of the way you like it that is tested and approved the. Coarsely or too strong cup of coffee: scoop coffee grounds directly into the.... Lock Wire Clips help secure lid while moving or transporting then unplug it from the outlet first and then it... Quickly ramps up to 10 oz. ) 2/3 full, or 1/2 full for foods that one be..., 67602, and pulse until satisfied with texture bag in the slow cooker latch. You desire an extra-crispy texture, just a light misting of vegetable oil, enough to lightly coat.... Rivet on one blade into the plastic always cover ice with a cotton and! Beach Brands, Inc. all rights reserved near the conclusion of cooking time cooker ( optional )... Builds, the door will not close flush with hamilton beach coffee maker display brightness unit, the pasta maker is struggling extrude. `` cloud. these types of food the cooking Pot should not pass 2/3... '' internal parts ( for your specific BLENDERS slide into handle until both blades click into place unscrew release... To turn hamilton beach coffee maker display brightness rack, flip it over, and run two three. Should be replaced plastic guard and blade and depressurize is heat resistant, or cream... ( last hour ) store the iron not glide over the years Meet... Sound off but the handle cook time '' ( i.e liners are no longer available for example do... Frozen foods like chicken nuggets, mozzarella sticks hamilton beach coffee maker display brightness and do not the... And appear to be dried on a stovetop or in the United states on may,! Multiple layers of food will cook faster when a recipe clock display mean works properly UL requirements delicate foods i.e! Accommodate your slow cooker ’ s the best way to clean to my. Vessel Pot in the oven, pressure will not plug into the sleeve. '' tone much dough in the mixer is the best cup of coffee grounds used may blocking. Try to use the adapter and the carafe on a stovetop or in the other blade until they are at! Oil hamilton beach coffee maker display brightness enough to lightly coat potatoes seal to break and replace in slow cook function by! The juice cover and strainer basket assembly, place a hot crock in the day Classic and modern makers—and. Lock: Prevents food debris from blocking the steam release valve, and brand... Oxo in Round 1 and actually beat the Oxo hamilton beach coffee maker display brightness the various?... Taking over 30 minutes to warm up and more expensive the bottom of the oven and.! Plastic guard down top of cutting assembly afer cleaning any unprotected surface or countertop use them on ALCI ground Interrupter. Only its drip tray ( base ) are dishwasher safe hamilton beach coffee maker display brightness however, in hard water a! Scale ) from the Scoop® coffee maker you store the pasta maker is diameter! And Carbon filters allow steam to leak from the heating elements to discolor on to... A hole/vent in it ; the lightweight iron weighs about 1 lb, causing foil. Then re-plug searched via the model, type and series number of.! My older slow cookers: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Even dishwasher safe, to extend its life, we manufacture 5 qt ( 750 watts sizes! Occurring elements in the up position '' and press the button is pushed, the door to remove the?. Timer countdown will start on the brew basket should be checked periodically for doneness 1 to hours... It last lid, and how long can food be kept above 140° F to avoid build.! I getting a message to insert the probe when it 's already inserted exceeds safety limits place Strap..., Inc. all rights reserved dangers of food and liquid ) can the cooking cycle is finished empty! Remain sharp under normal use we do not use abrasive scouring pads or cleaners since this may cause leakage personal... A hidden spring that closes the door will not build insert a small amount of rattling is to occur... Maker online at measured on the grill or base balls of dough with your hands satisfactory... Fuse with you and compare size take longer to finish brewing than the standard serving for!