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#askmeanything with Prof. Joe Choo

The Southern Corridor of Greater KL is set to be the next growth area and where three major economic projects are being built  –  Malaysia Vision Valley, KLIA Aeropolis and Cyberjaya City Centre. As property prices here are still relatively affordable, we sat down with Prof. Joe Choo recently on what home buyers and prospective investors should look for when house hunting in this part of Malaysia.


Prof. Joe Choo will share her feng shui predictions on 4 March 2017 at Bukit Puchong Sales Gallery. Photo: Khalil Adis

Prof. Joe Choo will share her feng shui predictions on 4 March 2017 at Bukit Puchong Sales Gallery. Photo: Khalil Adis


By Khalil Adis


Southern KL, where Bukit Puchong is located at, is the new growth corridor outside KL. Could you give us your take why this is so from a feng shui perspective?

Bukit Puchong is at almost the tip of the joining of two major expressways namely the NKVE and LDP. Therefore, it will benefit from the bottleneck created by theses two expressways. Finally, the earth energy here is being slowed down and subsequently bouncing back to Bukit Puchong which gives sustainability to this area. This has explained why it takes some time for this area to pick up to be a lively and liveable area.


There are three major economic drivers coming up here – Malaysia Vision Valley, KLIA Aeropolis and Cyberjaya City Centre. How will these three projects affect the overall feng shui of Southern KL?

These three areas are very far away from the Titiwangsa mountain range. First of all, let’s take a look at the Cyberjaya City Centre. The Cyberjaya City Centre is basically quite a flat land but with quite a small hill nearby. There isn’t any small stream or river nearby. Therefore, it does not have a very vibrant energy there. This has explained why Cyberjaya has been around for quite sometime and why it is still very, very quiet. In fact, developments here took place from the year 2000. If a place were good, it would have flown in ten years. However, it is still very quiet.

As for KLIA Aeropolis’ location, it is full of molehills. There are streams but no rivers. Moreover, KLIA is also there. This would bring a lot of unpleasant energy due to the frequency of the aeroplanes and electronic gadgets creating an unstable energy field. So whoever stays there, the energy will not be good.

Malaysia Vision Valley sounds as though it will be surrounded by valleys which is good. However, If the valley is between two mountains then it is not that good. If the valley is like a plain, like a bowl, that is surrounded by mountains, it is good. From the looks of It, it looks like this area doesn’t have much mountains. Comparatively, between these three, the best is the Malaysia Vision Valley. If you were to compare this with the other two developments and other residential areas or townships, they cannot harness the energy of the mountain. However, If you want to compare these three developments to the surrounding townships, then, they will need many, many years to grow.


Are there any things buyers must avoid when buying a home in this growth corridor?

When you want to buy a home at these three economic corridors, you must avoid buying near to KLIA. You also should avoid buying near schools, shopping malls and religious centres because when you have a lot of human forces, the energy of the individual house in the area will not be strong enough. Thus, it will become lopsided as the energy will be attracted to the public area. Also, avoid having a river behind your house. You must have highland at the back. These are the key fundamentals when choose a house.

Now, let’s take a look at Cyberjaya. This area has a very flat land there with a lot of lakes. Avoid buying homes around these lakes because they have no more earth energy. In feng shui we emphasise upon on three type of energy, cosmic, earth and human energy.

When we talk about cosmic energy, it is already there in the universe. For earth energy, it is up to us to choose. For human energy, it is based on the date of birth of every individuals. Since we have the choice to choose a land with vibrant energy, we should avoid to be close to any artificial lakes. This is because during the mining area, the miners have exhausted the energy of the earth by taking away all the resources. This leaves it with no more earth energy which means the land doesn’t have any energy at all. However, with that kind of land, you can make use of it to become a religious place or for an illegitimate business or even a casino. Another business that will be good is for a burial ground.


Now let’s talk about your talk at Bukit Puchong. What aspects of feng shui will you be covering?

I will be sharing the history of feng shui and the three types of energy which comprises cosmic, earth and human energy. In the earth energy, I shall explain the source of earth energy of Peninsular Malaysia. Very interestingly, I will share insights as to what happens when the source of the earth energy reaches Bukit Puchong. It changes the scenario altogether.

Besides that, I will shall the importance of the these three types of energy and how to harness them to select the right property for you to ensure that the property brings positive effects for you and the people living at the property.


This township is located some distance away from Puchong. What is the prospects like for this area in 2017 and beyond? 

The prospect of Bukit Puchong is just the beginning of a vibrant era. This is very similar to Ipoh.  Both Ipoh and Bukit Puchong, and by extension Puchong, were mining areas before. In the case of Ipoh, it slowly started to gain popularity and its property market has picked up since 2014.  Therefore, Bukit Puchong will carry the same weight or even more.


This year some are predicting it may be a good time to buy a property while others say it is not. What is your take from a feng shui perspective?

A  good time to buy a property will be the second half of the year. For the first half, the market is still very volatile. The second half will be more stable and you will see more available stocks in the market. The secondary market will be very good. The primary market is a bit slow this year. However, for next year, the primary market will be good


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